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Jul 21, 2020

One Sharp Sword - Cutting Through To What Matters Most with Dr Wayne Pernell is meant to be thought-provoking and inspiring.  

This show offers no advice or counsel related to law, finance, or health (either physical or mental).  You are listening at your own discretion and interpreting what you hear in your own way.  This show is meant for entertainment purposes and no claims of enhancement or enrichment of any sort are indicated or implied.  Nope, this show doesn’t promise to make you better looking.  But hey… look at you now!  Listen in!  Enjoy!

Your bottom line is affected by your values, your ability to identify what matters to you and to your business, and to live into those values authentically and in alignment.

You don’t have the same values you did a decade or so ago. Nor should you.

You’ve changed.

The world has changed.

When was the last time you did a values inventory?

When was the last time you let other people know what you value or believe in?

And are you certain that what you’ve claimed as your values are really yours and not someone else’s voice of influence?

You’re different from who you were.

What path do you want to be on?

The path of high performance as a DynamicLeader is one that starts with clarity and certainty.

Get clear about what’s IN and what’s no longer a part of who you are or how you are.

Communicate that through your words AND your actions.

When you get alignment, those around you align with you or the fall away. Either is good.

It’s a powerful path.

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See you here next time!