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Listen in!  Enjoy!

Jul 13, 2021

It’s odd how people are uncomfortable with silence, isn’t it. What’s amazing is that when I work with teams and leaders, people start to squirm just a few seconds into a pause, a void of talking. By nine seconds, usually the leader has jumped in to say something.


That’s so unnecessary. Four seconds is enough to create safety, to show through your body language and your face that you’re listening. When someone makes a statement, acknowledge it, then… just hold space.


For fun, challenge yourself to pause for up to eighteen seconds. Do nothing, no fidgeting, just sit. Count to eighteen in your head very slowly. Notice, just notice what happens when you do that… at four seconds, at nine seconds, and at eighteen seconds.


Most people exhale deeply at eighteen seconds as if they’ve been holding their breath. Breathe normally, get quiet, and notice. Just notice. Create safety for yourself and others by holding space.


And that is how you build your Powerful Presence®, too!


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