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One Sharp Sword - Cutting Through To What Matters Most with Dr Wayne Pernell is meant to be thought-provoking and inspiring. This show offers no advice or counsel related to law, finance, or health (either physical or mental).  You are listening at your own discretion and interpreting what you hear in your own way. 

This show is meant for entertainment purposes and no claims of enhancement or enrichment of any sort are indicated or implied.  Nope, this show doesn’t promise to make you better looking.  But hey… look at you now! 

Listen in!  Enjoy!

Sep 15, 2020

Are you lying to yourself about why you’re procrastinating?

Procrastination is the barometer of your commitment.

So how fully are you committed to doing the thing you say you want to do? Think about any challenges you’ve had in the past. The things you’ve followed through on were the ones you had a full commitment to.

Almost doing something isn’t the same as doing it.

Do you see your taxes being filed every year? Yes, because you’re committed to doing them. You don’t always have to like what you’re committed to. You’ll follow through, though.

So what about the things you DO like? 

Are you committed to following your dreams? The process will be hard. You will fail along the way. And as long as you’re learning, you’re going to make it happen… IF your commitment is stronger than the obstacles.

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