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One Sharp Sword - Cutting Through To What Matters Most with Dr Wayne Pernell is meant to be thought-provoking and inspiring. This show offers no advice or counsel related to law, finance, or health (either physical or mental).  You are listening at your own discretion and interpreting what you hear in your own way. 

This show is meant for entertainment purposes and no claims of enhancement or enrichment of any sort are indicated or implied.  Nope, this show doesn’t promise to make you better looking.  But hey… look at you now! 

Listen in!  Enjoy!

Jun 29, 2021

We’ve stared at the same four walls for the past year and a half. We’ve organized the pantry. We’ve learned to work differently. We’ve extended our work hours and have gotten less done in more time (ahhhh - the new math). We thought we’d become more efficient, but when we check email first thing and then...

Jun 22, 2021

I’m eating sushi with a client when I ask him what he expects of me the following day as I engage with his team.

“Excellence,” came the one-word, very direct answer.

“Challenge Accepted,” I replied with a smile.


Inside I wondered how to bring him the excellence he expected. What I didn’t know was that he...

Jun 15, 2021

From homeless street kid to Marine Corps Captain to Sage & Mentor - Solarzar works magic in there somewhere, too!


He notes that leadership is all about communication and relationships!


He believes in the continuum of relationships, how the teacher imparts to the scholar and at some point, the scholar offers to the...

Jun 8, 2021

What’s the difference between being “Nice” and being Kind?

When you’re nice, you’re likely to be giving yourself - a lot of yourself - away. And the cost to that? Personal identity.

Here I share some very personal stories and talk about how to be kind, to live in grace, compassion, and empathy without having...

Jun 1, 2021

So many people think that they have to join in the conversation and even one-up what’s just been said that they miss the opportunity to truly connect.


“I can’t wait to get to Hawaii”

“Oh, me either! This pandemic is something! I just love the sand on Waikiki and the sun. Oh, and you can’t beat the food.”...