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Jul 28, 2020

One Sharp Sword - Cutting Through To What Matters Most with Dr Wayne Pernell is meant to be thought-provoking and inspiring.  

This show offers no advice or counsel related to law, finance, or health (either physical or mental).  You are listening at your own discretion and interpreting what you hear in your own way.  This show is meant for entertainment purposes and no claims of enhancement or enrichment of any sort are indicated or implied.  Nope, this show doesn’t promise to make you better looking.  But hey… look at you now!  Listen in!  Enjoy!

Five Cs to pay attention to:

Culture - you’re building that through your vision and you’ll catch people doing things right. It’s too easy to notice the stuff that’s out of place for you.

How clear are you about your vision?

How aligned with your vision are your actions?

Creating your culture starts with your clarity about values, creating a values-based vision, and living into and from that.

Catch ‘em - Catch them doing something right! You get more of what you focus on, so whether you’re dealing with a three-year-old or with a team who have ideas about the way things “should” be, when the direction and behavior are aligned with the values and the vision, notice it.

Celebrate - too much time usually passes between the good work and the recognition. People want to be recognized for their contribution. You’ll get more from your team when you celebrate with your team! 

Communicate - It’s one thing if YOU know the values and the vision. It’s another for everyone around you to know them too. It gives them an opportunity to step up and step in or, if they’re not aligned, to step away. Communicate what you value.

Consistency - While slot machines payout randomly, leaders need to be consistent. You cannot show up one day espousing the values you believe in and show up another day completely out of alignment with them. That’s not leadership. It builds mistrust and people wait for what will be the next lie rather than evidence of living in integrity. Be consistent. Live in alignment.

Thank you for listening to One Sharp Sword!  Be sure to also check out Wednesdays With Wayne for quick, fun, and inspirational mid-week reading.