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Mar 9, 2021

Finding the entrepreneurial spirit as a young girl, selling a home-made kite for $3.67, Zahara Joy has gone on to recreate herself living in more countries than most of us visit in our lifetimes.

She worked in high-fashion in New York, moved to Italy, and realized that her calling was to help women live a lifestyle that’s above average.

Having lost everything, Zahara’s perspective is that everything that looks like a disaster can be a blessing. She notes that there are two types of people: those who are average and those who go for it. She sees herself as a role model of the latter and encourages others to do the same.

Zahara coaches women who fear becoming their true selves as she enables them through a holistic approach to what success really is.

Though Z coaches women, this is a MUST LISTEN, even if you’re a guy!

Zahara talks about that “second of doubt” where everything is on the line. It’s a defining moment where you could stunt your own success path or move through it.

Zahara founded The Legendary Woman Society to focus on Mindset and Relationships.

She can be found at  and 

And on IG at @TheHighValueWoman

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