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Jun 15, 2021

From homeless street kid to Marine Corps Captain to Sage & Mentor - Solarzar works magic in there somewhere, too!


He notes that leadership is all about communication and relationships!


He believes in the continuum of relationships, how the teacher imparts to the scholar and at some point, the scholar offers to the teacher.  Solarzar discussed The Hero’s Journey and notes that we’ve all been the reluctant hero, called to take charge. Most pull back multiple times until finally, we draw on the nuggets of knowledge we’ve collected on our path and realize that what we’ve been given along the way will help us to our next breakthrough. 


These are magical moments that our path of the leader is paved with.


His other gems to think about:

  • Dignity in the face of adversity
  • Our goal is to connect and affirm
  • External circumstances don’t define me - - what defines us is how we react (or respond)


Leadership Magic is Solarzar’s book available online.


We also referenced Outliers by Gladwell and Book of Five Rings by Mushashi


Also, for magic or for leadership, you can reach out to him at:



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