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Apr 6, 2021

PR professional, champion for girls and women in the entrepreneurial space, TEDx speaker, and so much more – Bobbie Carlton shares with us her journey into entrepreneurship and some of the surprises on her journey.

We talk about business and the championing of the heard, unheard, and underserved voices.

Our conversation took us to her early roots and what she learned while growing up how to be – and not be – an entrepreneur.

Bobbie shares lessons for those starting on the path.

  •     Find a partner who can support you – whether a life partner or a business partner or even an assistant, you need someone who can see the big picture with you and remind you of the details. Bobbie laughs, “Marry well.”

  •     Get trusted supporters around you, from a V.A., to your accounting team, you need people that you’ll allow deep inside of your business.

  •     Communicate – the more communication, and enjoyment, with your team members, the better!

  •     Get a PLAN!!!

  •     Know that you will exit and build that in. Who can take over for you in a few years or decades?

  •     Invest in and grow your team.

Key quotes from this episode:

-       We need to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to bring innovations to market.

-       There’s someone out there with the answers without access to the right community. 

-       We have to make sure that, in order to survive, we democratize entrepreneurship so that the best ideas have their ideas in the marketplace.

Bobbie invites you to Google her: Bobbie Carlton

Key Links:

Carlton PR & Marketing, Innovation Nights and Innovation Women

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